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Your rights as a citizen

The "Help Citizens World" Foundation
"Help Citizens World" is a no-profit foundation that wants to help citizens that have
problems with their relationships with their own States.
The foundation is a mediator between the State and the requirements of the citizens
that it represents.
It believes in a world that goes beyond the concept of State and race, and that sees
the Earth population as one, being all together in the galaxy.
It believes in a development that will stop the Earth exploitation by a generalized reduction of consumptions, by recycling products and using natural energies, with a change of direction that will try to fight against economic mechanisms that do not think in global terms and that see as a goal only the sales and production expansion without considerating that this will destroy the human habitat and the humanity itself.
Help Citizens World believes that we need to convey our efforts to assure the vital minimum maintenance to every "human".
It is absolutely necessary to put into effect actions that limit the population's growth to maintain it within the "planet capacity", and moreover to stop the scientific research moved by economic business that pushes humanity to a phrenetic race without having understood and assimilated the existing technologies.
So we should rethink about the existing economic mechanisms that only generate differences between rich and poor populations, citizens integrated in the economic structure
and others outside of it.
.: HelpCitizensWorld :.
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