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Your rights as a citizen

Dear fellow citizen,

with this letter we want to explain the reasons why our Foundation deals deals with the defence of the citizen against the bureaucracy of the State. We want to continue, together with all the friends of voluntary services, the long way begun from citizens of all over the world to live in "States" that can help us to solve our problems, and not in "States" that often are one of the main causes of our problems.

There have been for centuries many rebellions against the arrogance of power; we recall the French Revolution with its saying "freedom, equality and fraternity" and the American Revolution ; many rights have been obtained.
In 1948 The General Assembly of The United Nations approvedthe Universal Declaration of human rights; in 1949 the European Board approved the Convention for the protection of human rights and or the fundamental liberties".
The Italian Constitution is too a source of many rights.

Unfortunately, as all of us know, many rughts of the citizen haven'y ever been applied. Italy is the European State that received the most condemnations from the European Court of human rights.
We believe that the citizens have to oblige the State to apply many rights provided for in a lot of laws but never put into effect. We can do this by taking conscience of our rights and their obstinate defence even when it can cost us hard work, money and disappointments.

Our a-political Foundation, gathers all citizens that think we have to work hard to enforce our rights by being supported by that part of bureaucracy that would like to change but is blocked from indifference and nagativism of many that work within the State.
Iy is important to work fard and not lose confidence for all injustices that we have to suffer because of a bureaucracy often overbearing and indolent.

We would be glad if you joined us as a citizen and friend to help us and all those that work in other associations of voluntary service, to create an open an simple State, with easily understandable rules; a State that can support the human and economic growth.

If you would like more informations read the "Rules of the Foundation" that explains how we can help you and how you can cooperate with us.
You may ask any other question by writing to us or by coming to visit us.


Paolo Da Fano
Foundation "Help Citizens World"
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