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TOO MUCH POWER IN ONE ONLY MAN - March 25, 2003 Archive

In his "Encyclopaedia of the Social Sciences" Harold Lasswell, one of the founders of modern political science, warned that the few intelligent men must realize "the ignorance and the stupidity of the multitudes" and avoid to yield " to democratic dogmatism which pictures men as the best judges of their own interests".

I dont’t think Bush has read anything about Harold Lasswell, he doesn’t seem to be the fond of study type, but he totally keeps faith to Lasswell’s high-society suggestion when he says "I won’t in any way take into account the Pope’s prayers for peace and the requests to avoid a war made by millions of people in many city squares".

He surely considers himself and his staff "the few intelligent men" on earth.

This war is fateful not only because it will once again kill thousands of innocent civilians, who already suffer under Saddam’s dictatorship, but because it breaks the creating process of an objective world government in the UN and it is the USA’s explicit declaration to the world that they are "The Empire" and that from now on the US decisions will be applied and will become law for the only reason that the US is the strongest nation, no question about it.

US politics has always subdued various countries in the world to their business interests regarding either the traceablity of natural resources or defense, with direct or indirect intervention to destroy democratic governmernts or support even military dictatorship, but all was done secretly,behind "legal" screens and for the first time the US openly says that they will do want they want in despite of the internatonal will.

What will happen now?

The most probable setting is the following:

1. The war against Saddam will begin and one way or the other Saddam will be deposed.

2. The very rich Iraqi oil-fields will pass to friendly hands loyal to the US.

3. Almost all nations will swallow the bitter pill and each one will obtain from the US the possibility to do their small indecencies to some other country or a part of population.

4. The UN will acknowledge the happening without doing anthing .

5. Terrorists will prepare demonstrations all over the world, but especially in the US (perhaps the Statue of Liberty?).

Everything will go ahead, but not like before; with this war the US has removed every diplomatic caution, taken the scepter as emperors of the world and placed it on their own heads.

All nations have been warned and in the meantime the US military development programs will be increased, making the Pentagon and the weapon multinationals jump for joy.

What would we want to happen?

We wish that the UN expelled the US from the UNO, that a total embargo began towards the US by all the countries in the world, that Bush lost the next elections and that the new US President fogot about Bush and remembered all the great American Presidents who helped humanity through the difficult route that leads to the protection for human rights and therefore re-entered the UN organization taking part in its new establishment, with the creation of a real world government defending the paper of rights which belongs to every man on earth (even against butcher dictators as Saddam).

But we are big now and we know that fairy tales hardly ever come true; we are also big enough to know that all emperor-like dreams rapidly fall and that in a few years no-one will talk about Bush anymore.
One last thing: this whole story makes us understand that the system must be changed, more power must be given to the nations by the request of thier opinion through binding referendums, because now there is "TOO MUCH POWER IN ONE ONLY MAN".

Paolo da Fano
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