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We can easily sit and watch our televisions, listen to the last attack without paying attention, hear the Big Boss of the Earth Bush say that the wicked are more and more wicked, but he will make war on everybody and wipe them out. Then we can return to our favorite programme.

We get used to anything, there is no limit for we human beings to adapt ourselves to something bigger than us.

There is no limit to our ability to tell lies and to swallow them. The war in Iraq was launched to destroy inexistent arms, Saddam was demonized not for what he did (more than 2.000.000 people killed with gas, an entire population traumatized by his Stalinist regime), but because he was an “associate” of Osama Bin Laden.

Bush’s staff could not fail to underestimate what Saddam did to his people, since Americans have helped him for years, providing him with deadly arms for use even on those who tried to rebel against him.
Moreover they are in business with Saudi Arabia, whose regime is not much better than Saddam’s as regards democracy and brutality.

Here is the other “lie” about Saddam’s association with Osama and Al Qaeda. No shred of evidence was provided, either about the existence of Iraqi weapons of destruction – except for those provided by the Americans – nor for a Saddam-Bin Laden alliance.

A single moment on 11th September 2001 caused democracy and human rights to be pushed back by 100 years.

Let’s try to reason about what is happening.

First of all, remember that there are people on earth of whom at least ignore what happens. They are the under-developed, who gain 50 dollars monthly, who neither have electricity or - luckly for them – television, so they are not spectators of the “big world theatre”.

Therefore all the fuss is kicked up for a limited minority of people, about 1.200.000.

Let’s calculate their percentage of the world population. It equals 20%.

How many of them are spectators and how many are the actors?

Let’s propose that every nation has 10.000 persons of real importance in power, for a number that goes from 1.000.000 to a maximum of 2.000.000 persons.

Let’s now calculate their percentage of the world population: 0,03%.

How could we choose these 0,03%, who are leading the world to total collapse?

Through misuse, even the democratic system as it currently works is not a great success. Just look at what’s happening.

Why? And how things can be improved or changed?
Let’s first address the “why”.

Even the democratic system puts people in power in a backwards way, so that the worst (with a few exceptions, who however do not reach the top) stand out.

The reason is simple, the political struggle is hard. Those with too many scruples and good feelings are weeded out at the beginning; the worst are stronger and win.

How can things be improved or changed?

A direct system of democracy could be implemented, imposing a maximum time limit for public and political offices.

It’s a long but not a complicated argument which the Greeks already understood more than 2400 years ago, developing the first democracy with Pericles.

But we have forgotten it, because during the last 2400 years someone has persuaded us to forget it.

If you are interested in this speech, please visit the following site:

WWW.WEBSPACE.IT/MOVINT; you can download the free booklet “ Even citizens can get furious”. It is more and more topical, as the years go by and things get worse.

If you do not think the issue concerns you, of course go on watching your favourite tv channel.

Bush will work everything out but do not protest if plenty of terrorists come to put a bomb in your toilet while you are sitting on it.

.: HelpCitizensWorld :.
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