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"What we would have liked Bush said in his speech" - September 22, 2001 Archive

Dear americans,
I have a great sadness inside my heart and it might happen that can’t stop tears because the pain that presures my heart is to strong.
You may like to see a sicure leader that creates certainlies, gives the exact indications and I will try to be it, but I’m essentially a man so don’t aspect another thing than my sincerity of what is shaking in my mind.
The tragedy that has hit us has been of such dimentions and so unaspected that each word, that won’t be of confort in particulary to those of so many inocents victims, might seem out of place. Let’s try to unsderstand together the reason of this attack, how to react and which reflections do for the future.
Terrorist hate us at the point to sacrifice thousand of inocents; unfortunately we know that thousand and sometimes millions of inocents never had stoped hands that belongs to that category of persons that put their own aims and interest in top of everything and everyone; history teaches us that this criminals, from Stalin to Hitler, to Mussolini, to Franco and to all small and big dictators appears in the scene of the different countries of the world, had never been stoped by the thinking of taking away life to innocents.
Terrorist sees in our “society” a potencial enemy and a attack to their believes and way of life.
And that’s why not only this terrorist, but most part of the musulman world hate us.
We have to recognice that in past we have mostly mistaken, supporting puppets goverments, making fall democratic goverments, joining everyone in world that was convenient for us to “sostain our economic or strategic interest” and this has create the sensation, in most countries, that we want to impose us with the economic or army forse, dominating all the rest of the world.
Our politic of continuisly economic expantion and an excessive consumerism, is creating not indiferrent problems to our earth planet and even this is been charging from most of the countries of the world, it seems that we are ready to do everything in order to maintain our economic wealth.
From now on all these will change, we will have to be more careful to other countries and populations, we’ll have to reduce our consumptions, will have to dialogate with all populations of earth, creating the base of a “supportable cohabitation”.
What will be our reaction to these attack? We won’t attack Afganistan or other countries that has supported terrorist, because we know that the victims of these attacks won’t be terrorist, but more other inocent, women, childs, elderly, civils, the same ones that had been hitten by the terrorist in our country.
We won’t unfurl our army force, but we will show that we are so strong that we’ll be capable to not let us seized from our wishes of revenge to demostrate who we are; we don’t want that lot’s of our youngs die in an unusefull war.
Wars are not the solutions, are the problems. Our “non-intervention” will isolate even more terrorist, demostrating that they have committed an “unmotivated” crime against humanity.
From now on our fight against terrorism will be of “non-stop” and we’ll do everything we can to take terrorism to justice and to avoid other tragedies of inocents.
In the same time we’ll made begin the “Peace in World Progect” to review how to set a “reasonable cohabitation” of all societies, races and religions, to search for that minimun comon denominator that permit us leave in peace even though all our differences.
Today I declair “war” to all wars and to all acts of terrorism, in order to begin from now on a reduction, until the complete elimination, of wars, of slaughters, of all the violence in planet earth.
This would be the “battle” that we all have to fight in the next years, the battle for a planet with no wars and without terror.
This battle and this progect I dedicate to our brothers, sisters and sons that had lossen life in this terrorist attack; like the President of the United States I commit myself in this progect, that will be the principal objective of my administration.

The President of the United States of America.

.: HelpCitizensWorld :.
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