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"Eye by eye will live evewryone blind" - (Gandhi) - December 6, 2001 Archive

Would the 2000 century will be the century where the hegemony of the USA in the world will be declair official ?
In the last 50 years of the past century the citizens of the United States undertake the role of defenders of their democracy in the world, in particulary against the Soviet Union.
They’ve send to an useless death a hundred thousand of their youngs in Vietnam, carrying out a massacre of the vietnam civils.
In Southamerica they’ve overturn through the CIA all the goverments that they didn’t consider friends.
Now sheriff Bush has arrived to the decision of the refound of loans with the nasty mans and in this way, further than any more than a nasty one, will die a hundred thousand of unprotected women and childs, that sure they are not so rosy and happy like Kids that buys big games in the bigest store of the United State or Europe for Christmas, after Afganistan will be the turn for Irak, Somalia, .....
In the mean time Hitler-Sharon has programed to wipe up of the palestins, not been for her more than an alive population of more than 50 years in refugee camps, evicted from their own earth.
The israelian bulldozer fiels the necesity of vital space where to expand out and he might not even remember that it was the same necesity that felt Hitler.
Unfortunated, what type of world will you leave to your sons and grandsons, and to our sons and grandsons?
What provocates terrorism? Why people are dispose to suicide theirselfs to fight you?
Wouldn’t be the time to face these questions and give yourselfs answers, even though sometimes their will be of disconfort?
Don’t you realize that when disperations arrives to this point, it will never be possible to have peace for anybody, and who will paid will always be a lot of inocents that don’t count nothing?
And more and more you will have to go around in a world that hates you.
You defend your interest, we are interested in humanity’s interest, of all women, children, all colors, races, religions; all of them that are the other face of the coin of these world of multinationals.
Further three millions of people suffer hunger, lets think at the serious things.
The ONU is the only center where to find the solutions of earth problems.
The United States of America don’t have to do it alone, their interest don’t corrispond to the interest of all populations on planet earth.
Where have been gone the people of the United States that made us dream in a better world, those who have created the Organization of the United Nations, who have gave us the declaration of the human’s rights? Where are you Kennedy, Luther King?
We loud out the frase that was louded of most raped womens: “With the force you can have our bodies, but never our souls”.

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