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Why are we so mean and stupid? - February 5, 2002 Archive

From thousands of years story of man has been remember through war, man is a war drug addicted or is there any other explication?
I think that the explication is in the correlation between power and war; war has always been a great "help" to who is at the power.
When there is war orders arenít in discussion, laws even those more terrible against liberty are accepted without complaint, who is at the power is the "beacon" who illuminates the nation.
All governments has always known these rule, without distinction between tyrannical or democratic governments.
This rule is been applied in full by Bush, with great success and cheers from these united states population, that doesnít have anymore courage to protest after the attack to the twin towers.
To protest might seem antipatriotic, so war is welcome with a worlds base incited by Bush.
There is a highest rating of popularity and no one ask how many innocent had been died under the "intelligent" bombs of the technological war of Afghanistan.
Israeli arenít less than Bush and goes behind the war against of poor Palestinian people, that can only make blow themselves one after other, forgetting that in these way the "mass media" will always reduce more the news of these deaths of "kamikaze", because the same notice can not be given all days.
In the mean time there are a millions of people in slavery in countries of the third world, ten thousands of children are assassinated because their bodies are used like exchangeable pieces, dictatorship has millions of persons under his iron fist.
Is it possible that in response, of the rampant tide of crimes and worlds injustice the people of the United States could think of continuing attacking to the same Sadam, despicable dictator, but just one of so many others and showing continuously their double-headed?
Bush is repeating a millenary script, thinking of inventing something.
Is time to change, creating a democratic worldwide government, eliminating the forbidden interference in the single countries, when democracy is not in force, imposing some fundamental rights for everyone of us.
Earth planet needs to be refound, and everyone has to participate to these refoundation, in particular have to be represented those thousands without any voice.All religion has to participate, Islamic world, occidental, Asiatic, each one of them with their big differences; it canít be any imposition of rules from any civilization, but only the most tire and hardest search of a minimum of fundamental rights that has to exist in hole planet earth.
War against terrorism, to the mean ones in earth, should be done in a resolute way, but from world organisms, not just from one part, that of the United States, that, for those who donít have a short memory, not so many years ago used to drill secret police of the worst world dictator.
Unfortunately is difficult to us to see it like "Snow white".
These is the rode.
Our time in earth is so little, is it really necessary to make all these wars? And what about if it just serve to cement power of some few man?
The real things are our life of every day, our friends, share with others and search for our own moral, intellectual, professional grow, and what else we are pleased to do with the respect to the others.
Wars, divides and domains, should become archeological reports to put in the attic with the dinosaurs of power.

Paolo Da Fano

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