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Where are they leading us to the world most powerful? - March 13, 2002 Archive

Surely humanity has always witness the overwhelming of the most strong, wicked and stupid. But now the situation is degenerating at a great speed. And Law of the poweful is becoming more prevaling. It is true that all these negative news from around the world is being aid by the velocity of the communication sources which has turn the whole world into platform of horror with superficial news of human crudelity. Oftenly fresh news arrives and cover up the current one and so the whole problem are buried and forget.

But in the midst of this confusion and all this pile up news, the whole world "can try to reflect on something"

WHAT EXACTLY IS GOING ON ? All these terrible news of fighting, killing, massacre of a whole village , elimination of innocent children, illegale traffic of human organs, forcing almost 25 million people to mordern slavery and daily killing of innocent citizen have something in common; And these lead us to answer the following questions

1) Is this terrible situation all around the world is at moderate level or degenerating?

2) Is it an unchaining principal cause?

They are without any doupt two linked questions, the situation of daily tragedy aroud the world are getting worst. With the aid of strong organisation in possess of good sources of information and satellites, the "well develop country have a good advantage on the world population and their opponent and as a result restricting individual liberty. The scientist continue to supply their "politician without mercy" with softicated materials so as to continue keeping the feeble under siege.

Then here comes the problem of "unchain principal cause" WHICH IS ? Undouptly the world population has increase 6 times its number since 1900 when the population was 1million.

And this has provoke:

1) Enormous consuming which degrade the level of ecology system.

2) Elimination in a short time of natural risources like water, petrol, forestry,..etc, this as a result erupt in conflict of interest to win a prime deposit and water assistance.

3) Tighten the vital space through violence as its been demonstrate with series of experiment.

4) Loosing the value of life of every individual and the signficance of individual liberty. This explains the intervention of millitry which expands to every angle and this is the reason why "THE HAWKS" erupt in all country thinking that WAR can bring solution to every problem.

There is also the point of psycology domination which without any doupt an efficient strategy to deprive the weak population. The whole world is assisting in silence the attak of Isreal on Palestian people , with troops and bombers. Years back Europe forgot how he impose sizing fire in JAN PALAC, protesting against Russia invading Cecoslovachia. Now Europe refuse to stop this umilation that is invading the Palestian people, while Sharon attacks them. Europe refuse to jugde from another piont of view tha the Palestians who commit suicide to stop Isrealís prepotency are also IAN PALAC. We found it difficult to distinguish between who apply troops and the youths trowing stones and comiting siucide on the main street (the later been describe as terrorist) are young and future of palestine struggling not let their land been taken away. And Europe forgot that almost 50 years ago he describe a group of people who did exactly what the palestians are doing now as VALUABLE PARTISAN because they are struggled against nazista.

At rate if the situation remains as it is the naturals resourses will continue to be more scarsely while violence will continue to expand world wide. With the population increasing rapidly the richer will continue to decrease while misery will continue to multiply which will no longer limit only to the third world but also in the so called develop country and this can arrive at the point of pressure of great multitude overthrown the percentage of the potencials of the world. What will the richest do by then? Will they destroy the whole world with atomic bomb so as to get rid of the oppress?

Finally, i think the so called "powerful of the world" should sit back and reflect a minute that in a range of hundred years to come, this situation will turn over if not on them at least on their children and granchildren and their great granchildren.

An Article written by

Dr. Paolo Da Fano

Secretary of Help Citizens World-Foundation of international movement for citizen rights.

.: HelpCitizensWorld :.
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