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The Sense of Life. - May 2, 2002 Archive

During my numerous journey to Africa for " Help citizen world", i have direct contact with the people who lives in the village where the cool way of life has not been polluted by the new religion, modern tecnology because there are no mobile phone, television,eletricity nor advitising campagn board. I realise that almost hundreds of million of people are living in total extraneous to modern tecnology and to the system of civilized world, that is out of world market. But this number of people are minority (may be 1million of people on 6) what will we have to do with the remaining 5? Only a stupid guy can think of change this inocent souls into happy consumers like Europe and America. The truth is that should this 5 million live like the so called civilized country all the raw materials will finish up in range of ten years. The condition of eco system will surely get worst.

Surely a great n° of people will migrate to join the already 25 million of modern slavery so as to increase the "sex market" and illegal distribution of human organs, while a minority might succeed in good integration inside the western world of consumption but in this way lossing their culture and integrity. The great way of modern tecnology , is an obligation bus stop to the exploitation of the country’s raw material which remain and will continue to remain within a group of multi-national country so as to be manipulate till may be 2100 with an excuse of "free competiton".

Let us keep our eyes open because the scientist a preparering their great suprice which we already know, will take us to a great discomfort depriving us from our most precious gift "our umanity".

To everybody who is feeling this "malaise or discomfort" i will advise you to close all chanels of this civilization of consumption (like television, publicity, giornals) reducing it to a minimum in order to understand, to reflect so as to find out the umanity in you inother to let others participate in your life. If possible outside the western world market, also the hawkers of tecnology power, to whatever category they might belong to , To all of you i wish to dedicate the poem written by Neruda for "General Franco".

From Dr.Paolo Da Fano.

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