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"Atimes also a good samaritans makes little progress". - June 11, 2002 Archive

They are always at the front line, the cursed power drunkered who believe in solving problem by seminating panic and horror with their instrument......bombs , guerrilliars, killers.....etc.
The telegiornals impose their presense on us everyday so as to ruin our daily mood with their ways of manner, of their forced manifestation, with their desicion in demostrating " i will show you who i am".
Also, there are mass of their supporters, those who are always in the front line and keeping encourage different types of dictator of all colours only after their down fall they turn to be victims full of fear of been deprive of their own opportunity by the unfortunate ones coming to our land in other to have a place for living.
But in spite of all this human ballasty, this planet and its terrestrial succeed in making little progress because there are million of people who are trying their best to see the situation from another point of view and trying to use a pieceful solution without downtrodden the human rights.

Here are the good news:

1) The n of democratic country has obtain a notable increament from 22 in 1950 to 119 on a total n of 192 in the year 2000.

2) The ethical (moral) company ( those who respect human rights and maintain the green pease laws) are now refusing to operate in non democratic country, countries like birmania, filippine, indonesia, malesia, thailandia.

3) World wide there are 586 ethical foundations operating and this phenomenon is making an extraordinary progress.

But there are other negative points that is threatening humanity, like illegal or dirty money, we must refuse to allow the invenstors to use our money in those country where they are exploitationof women and children

Therefore we must pay attention, whenever we are investing that little we possess we must reject those country involving in illegal money, (swiss included) we must avoide choose any non democratic country as a place for our holiday in other not to encourage their dirty activities with our prestigious currency.

Remember that every little drop of water you make, together with others will form "an ocean ".

Paolo da fano

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