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Bush is an inapropriate leader in my confront, i've always love Kennedy's adress and Clinton has been my favorite even after his loving adventure, his popularity has gone a scale upwards world wide.
In case of mr. Bush he is totally opposite because he representa america's prepotency and capitalism, with her super tecnology as intelletual.
Saddam is a bloody dictor like many others that are still existing in the world.
Buch said, that saddam is dangerous because he sponsored international terrorism and produce atomic bomb and lethal gas and therefore he needs to be eliminate.
- But Bush forgot that he too has committed the same offence that he is attribuiting to Saddam (for examlpe in CILE and ANGENTINA).
- Bush wish to be the world wide sheriff aplying different types of law in different nation according to America's conveniency (see Irak and North Corea).
The fact is that not only Saddam needs to be remove from power but also almost ten other leaders oppressing their citizen.
The cogent point of this problem is; Will the so called democratic organs of the world will continue to show lack of interest in the destiny of hundreds of millions of people living in dictatorial country?
In this paticular moment all the western world are preparing war against terrorism but "WHICH TERRORISM?" The terrorism within each dictatorial state OR the terrorism being direct to innocent state.
They are becoming much more essential the treats of international court like that of kyoto on climatic proplem and what did they demostrate?
It is now time to open a new page, to prepare a new constitution fo the whole world, to be sign by each democratic state member, with the power to eliminate all dictators and power to protect free democratic eletion in the world. This help to defend those citizen who are unfortunate to be born in that country and because these dictatorship country are threaten to the rest of the world.
In a volume which i wrote in 1994 "ALSO EVERY CITIZEN IN HIS OWN LITTLE WAY CAN BE ANNOYED" where i indicate the necessity of creating "WORLD WIDE govenment of the world" to form a law which will indicate an unviolating acts of every single citizen
rights, also united nation has to remove from his paper the article 2.7 which doesn't permitte to take part in the affairs of every single states.
To my own point of view ,the U.N must make a law which allow the world wide government to make intervention whenever there is a dictator rising up o oppress the rights of his citizen or trying to put in danger the serenity of the people, that is peace, freedom and green world.
So the problem is much more than Saddam. It needs to be confront by United Nation, while waiting for the creation of the WORLD WIDE government to confront the non demcratic government, Remember what all astronauts knows very well while watching the earth from the porthole of the satellite tha the earth is still the best planet among half a million of stars and planets so we must share a common interest in protecting our planet in respect of your colour, idea or religion.
Every abitants of the earth has every right to live it freely, therefore freedom and demcracy is what united nation has to garatee all citizen of the eath, taking part in that state where individual rights is violate.
This is also one the introduction to world wide peace.

Paolo da Fano
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International movement for citizen rights.

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